fayrouz Al-Wazir


I'm Fayrouz Al-Wazir, simply; the only thing I live for it now is my hope to be in effective place where make me achieve effective goals to feel that I'm positive person at our society.

I feel that i have power,energy ,ability and challenge to do any effective thing because I believe that if we want to build effective society we should build effective person first.

the field where i see my self will be an effective person at it is" MEDIA " .... I believe if " MEDIA " is used by the right way it will be from the first ways we use to develop our society.

I worked more times as a ( Public Relation ) member such as at "GATE " faculty of Engineering and at there I held two interviews :

• Interview with Dr. yossef Zidan talking about his point of view about future of the youth.
• Interview with Nile Cultural Channel.

also I was one of the team of ” Public Relation” Committee at (Sencro) ” Simulation of Egyptian National Child Rights Observatory” which is sponsored by the “ National Observatory for Childhood and Motherhood” and the faculty of Economics and Political Science “ , and the thing which gave me so big experience in dealing with “Magazines and Media’’ is working as a “Public Relation” member at (F.M) "Future MAsr” and (SMS) "Stock Market Simulation" and (Tshanj).

and because " writing" is one of my Hobbies I took training at “Magazine” Department" at “NUDGE”

also I was Delegate in political section at (MAP) “Model American presidency” and (ALMUN) “Arab League Model United Nations “

  • Education
    • Cairo University
    • Faculty of Arts
    • Japanese department