Fazal Muhammed

Competent, diligent & result oriented professional, offering over 29 years of experience in Business Development, Client Relationship Management, Business Planning, Budget Management, Channel Management, Market Research and Strategic Planning.
Dexterity in assessing changing market environs with an insight into the domains of market research, customer relationship management and business development; capable of establishing new milestones through evolved managerial skills.
Recognized as a proactive individual who can rapidly identify business opportunities, formulate tactical plans, initiate change and implement effective business strategies in challenging environments to enhance revenue generation, market share expansion and profitability.
Demonstrated ability to manage human, financial and material resources towards the achievement of stated objectives, to plan and manage work programs and to lead, motivate and provide effective guidance to a team of professional and support staff.

Core Competencies

* Business Development * Client Relationship Management *Strategic Planning * Promotional Activities * Product Positioning * Budget Management *Team Management * Distribution Management²