Ubair Fazili


Wish I could show you the ecstasy of aloneness; aloneness which is natural and spontaneous, which is not an outcome of self-pity or agony or self-conceit. Have you ever watched a solitary tree in an empty field? Go sit under it, touch its bark, listen to it; watch its leaves dancing in breeze. Be alone without a shadow of time, without seeking, searching. Go on, travel alone, visit unknown places. Make friends with nature. Watch that white rose blossom. Watch your sorrow blossom. Care it, love it. Listen to your every thought as you would when a child talks. It might not speak even form a single sentence, yet you wait, listen to it with love. Listen to yourself in the similar way. No one can help you. How can the one who is full of vanity help you? Isn’t the very feeling of helping/healing someone a dark shadow of vanity? Look around you. Come out of the golden prison you have built for yourself. Allow Mind to heal itself in the company of running waters, rushing fog. Allow Mind to heal itself in the company of that little puppy holding the ball in his mouth and playing oblivious to your existence. Life isn’t the agony of loneliness, the million sweet yesterdays. Wish I could tell you the joy with which a new born leaf dances. Wish I could…..

  • Work
    • The Writers' Studio
  • Education
    • Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson School, Tangmarg
    • GBHSS Magam
    • Chasing liberty