funso bada

lagos state, Nigeria

My name is funso bada, i come from a family of two children.I am the first child, the name of my younger sister is blessing. The names of my parent are Mr and Mrs funso. My dad is a Bishop and the general overseer of EPIC mission international church located in lagos, Nigeria. I attended caleb international school in my early grades from nursery to primary, went to livingstone college where i graduated. I went to the federal university of technology Akure(FUTA) in Nigeria where i was studying physics electronics and later droped out in my second year to face my career as a speaker,author and a life coach. i love reading,singing and listening to gospel music, my best sport is football and table tennis. I love pounded yam(yam flour) with egusi soup. I really take delight in helping people grow and in discovering their God given potentials. I droped out of school because i was not a good science person and at that moment discovered my ability for public speaking and writing of books and articles. My aim in life is to help people discover them selves just the way i did. Am really happy that i made the decision of droping out and droping in on my dreams and potential. Ever since i droped out my life has not been the same, i fill fulfilled and really in control of my life. One of the greatest joy in life is to be awake in your dream, seeing yourself do what you really know how to do, knowing that it gives you joy and you also derive satisfaction from it. i do not regret my action following my dreams. Wherever you are reading this i just have a few words for you, follow your dream to the latter and never let any one tell you you can't just because they didn't. i love you all

  • Work
    • a speaker,author and a life coach
  • Education
    • drop out