François Balestra


François Balestra (°1971, Paris, France) makes pictures and photographs. By picking mostly proper options, Balestra frequently creates several almost identical works, upon which ideas that have apparently only been developed are manifested: notes are created and then crossed out again, 'blunders' are duplicated.

His pictures are frequently classified within the new romantic movement due to the desire to have the neighborhood in the unfolding globalized world. Since this sort of artwork is a part of the collective memory, still this reference isn't deliberate.
By manipulating the observer to produce confusion, work is created by him through as a personal exorcism ritual procedures which may be seen explicitly. They're inspired by a nineteenth century convention of functions, in which an ideal of 'Fulfilled Lack' was viewed as the head.
Recognisable form doesn't be referenced by his works. The results are deconstructed to the extent that significance is shifted and potential interpretation becomes multifaceted. By referencing romanticism, grand - symbolism and guignolesque black humour, he attempts to produce varieties that don't follow legitimate criteria, but are based only on associations and proper parallels, which incite the observer to make new private associations.
Multilayered pictures appear in which the instability and fragility of our apparently specific fact is questioned.

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