Forrest Blake

Los Angeles

Commercial Real Estate Expert Forrest Blake began his professional career as a stockbroker, then shortly thereafter segued into real estate, and in 1999 started to represent Commercial Tenants in Los Angeles.
When he saw an inherent conflict of interest in the commercial real estate business when borkers represented both parties, he made the decision to represent only tenants. Blake has never taken listings or worked on behalf of landlords. Instead, he has made tenant representation his passion and expertise.
Blake’s acumen in the real estate business started in the San Fernando Valley suburbs of Los Angeles. There, he began representing small tenants, and cut his teeth on a substantial volume of Commercial Lease transactions.
Over the more than two decades when his expertise expanded, so did the size and complexity of the clients he represented. In meeting the needs of his tenant clients for a skilled negotiator, he continued to augment the size and services of his practice. He never stopped investing in new and better ways to represent his local, national and international tenant real estate clients. Landlords and tenants respect Blake as an intelligent, fact-based transactional expert, a strong negotiator, and a diligent process manager.
Over time, he supplemented local professional service firms to help meet the needs of established company-clients like Warner Brothers, Blue Shield, Texaco and Hertz. He has negotiated leases for millions of square footage space on behalf of his tenants, including the successful signing of a 100-million-dollar office space transaction in London for Warner Brothers.
In addition to his real estate business, in 2006, he built a 2-unit golf franchise (GolfTEC) that then grew through acquisition to 15 centers with 40 staff by 2008. With revenue growth during the last three years of over 20%, he sold the company to a franchisor in 2012. During this time he also launched a golf travel company. (Blake is a scratch golfer.) He has also ghost-written and published two fictional novels, Sullivan’s Justice (2005) and Sullivan’s Evidence (2006) with New York Time best-selling novelist Nancy Taylor Rosenberg, published by Kensington Publishing.
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