Frank Boehm

My name is Frank Boehm and I have been involved with nanotechnology and especially nanomedicine since ~1996. I have recently completed the generation of a book on nanomedical device and systems design for CRC Press entitled: Nanomedical Device and Systems Design: Challenges, Possibilities, Visions

I have been evolving numerous concepts and designs for advanced nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic components, devices and systems to address myriad disease states. My aim is to develop and transform these concepts into real world applications for global benefit.

I have incorporated a nanomedical startup called NanoApps Medical, Inc. with the goal of developing advanced nanomedical technologies for the benefit of individuals in both the developing and developed worlds. The larger picture would be to eventually attain a situation of "global health care equivalency", where any individual on the planet might have access to the same advanced and cost effective, nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, no matter where they happen to reside, or under what conditions they live.

The attainment of this condition might serve to significantly reduce the perception of individuals in the developing world of being marginalized, at least in terms of health care, which may ultimately translate to conflict reduction. In the developed world, this condition would serve to dramatically reduce health care expenditures across the board.

Synergies between nanotechnology, nanomedicine, and AI may facilitate/enable this vision on a global scale. Progress toward this goal will be incremental, with each successive wave of nanomedical technologies being more advanced than the previous wave. The tipping point will arrive with the emergence of Molecular Manufacturing (MM),

which will make possible the economical fabrication of the types of advanced autonomous nanomedical devices that I describe in my book.

I am considering the generation of a book that will articulate this vision. Please contact me should you wish to contribute to/support this effort.

(working title)

Nanotechnology, Nanomedicine, and AI: Toward the Dream of Global Health Care Equivalency