It is estimated that an average adult has to take between 15.000 and 30.000 decisions everyday. The Decision Fatigue phenomenon is a growing reality in our society, and here is where FCA Consulting adds value to its clients. We believe that every individual has the right to a fulfilled life, where the path made by each one leads to something bigger than the self. This is a universal right, and the premise of our work.

This way, FCA Consulting offers its consulting services for free to every individual and organization. We are proud to offer a differentiated solution that is distinguished by its simplicity, and that tackles every decision in the most efficient way. Our services are not a substitute, but a complement to deep reflection and introspection of each individual that stands before a moment of choice or uncertainty.

We position ourselves in the market as a non-profit organization: we believe that, by making our services available for free and open to the community, the value added grows exponentially and we achieve the desired scalability. This is how FCA Consulting is aiming at pushing the world forward, one decision at a time.