Francisco Pacheco

Porto, Portugal

I’ve worked as producer, director, assistant director and editor on several media and film productions. In Portugal I directed and edited short films, music videos and corporate videos. In Brazil I’ve worked as assistant director in leading productions in Rio de Janeiro, including the highly successful Brazilian feature: “OPrimo Basílio”.

I moved to London in 2007 and focused on on Online Media Production, working in leading world companies, such as CBS Interactive, Google and Flixmedia. I joined the Video Department of CBSi, the largest online-only publisher in the UK.. I had a multi-tasking role in the company including producing, recording, editing and publishing videos and podcasts for the interactive platforms of all the core brands of the company, such as,, and

Then I worked as Creative Producer at Flixmedia – a global company, leading the provision of online content solutions for manufacturers of consumer goods – including Microsoft, HP, Dell, Intel, Philips, Panasonic and Toshiba. It offers the distribution of manufacturers own content to a Global Distribution Network.

Finally in 2011 I joined LivingSocial as a Video Production Specialist, LivingSocial UK offers daily deals on handpicked experiences that can be shared with friends.Innovation and imagination have made LivingSocial the fastest-growing company in the social-buying category.

My cross media experience can be an advantage, coming from a cinema and TV background, I truly believe that Digital Media is a key player in the success of a brand strategy. Despite the fast social and cultural transformation in the digital era, the media is still deeply rooted in good storytelling: good stories with high production values that need to span online, film, TV, radio and gaming to engage audiences.

Nevertheless my interest in the new digital era and the unlimited possibilities of the cross media world exceeds my work experience. I always try to be up to date with new tools and platforms and surround myself with events and information that enrich my already tech-savvy personality.