ɑყσ ĞĞ! ૭ﻨrℓs ૭εƞεrα†ĭơи ɱҽɱβҽɾ; ɱყ ωнσℓє ωσяℓ∂ @DiarioMir {06.10.13♡21:54pm}

{FK} Watashi wa Sooyoung-des, SNSD's member.

I'm 23 years old, christian, thanks God, since I was born on Feb.10th.'90. I'm the tallest member(1.70m) with a beautiful pair of legs, I eat and love food and weight 45kg, friendly and lovely, with an amazing voice. I speak korean(obviously) and japanese languages.

My love; @DiarioMir, I love you more than anything else in the world, please stay by my side till the end of the world, I can't stop loving you.♡

My son; @_xLeeTaemin, son of my life, I love you, I promise to take care of you.♡

Appa; @JangDongWoo7, love you appa, you're the only one♡ ..Saranghae!

Soshis; The Na of my Soo; @_Yoonax, dongsaeng you're so cute, love you! ❥
My fav dancer; @xKimHyoyeon, love you! ❥
My Phanny's; @laTiffania, love you! ❥
@FannyHwang_rp, love you! ❥
My bunny/twin; @SunnyBunnySNSDx, love you! ❥
Maknae: @fSeoJooHyun
@seo_maknae2, love you! ❥
My leader; @Kim_TaeYeon_Gir, love you! ❥

Sungmin of the SunSun; @x_LeeSungmin, you're cute! /)w(

Ae: Leo, you're still in my heart and I love you as I've never loved somebody, I need you in my life:(

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