Frank May

I grew up in a sort of open door affair, surrounded by nature, water, and spending summers in the mountains and the woods. From these days, a lust for discovery and a passion for the natural world became a part of my core.

Into the age of self-awareness and angst, I began a rugged search to find my soul that took me through many philosophical and religious twists and turns, and I sought to incarnate these ideals I adopted. It made for a messy affair. Colorful, interesting, but messy. And because events run in packs like little cowards, they sprung upon me all at once.

After several false starts at several colleges seeking a degree in art, architecture, or creative writing, I tossed in my student hat and fled to Europe where I lived at a commune for several months - and learned to love every moment of it. My childhood, this time, as well as three months in Rehab all worked to cement my deep appreciation for intentional community.

I have eight kids now, beautiful, amazing little people whom I adore. We are surrounded by National Park at home, have a quiet getaway of perfection in the Tennessee River Gorge, and I have the priveledge of running a fun and dynamic business: The Pool Place, and Poolblue. I still love to travel and love to learn, I love to build, fabricate and design, but as much as anything, I love to share these things with those I love. Part of my heart lives in Uganda where I imagine I will return for the rest of my days, building schools and churches, learning stories, sharing hope, gaining hope and loving the wild. Another part in Utah, where I attended university and permanently fell in love with the land. A big part in the mountains of Tennessee, wet, green, organic, and so alive. But I love to travel, explore and I look forward to introducing my kids to the many wonders of the world.

While I am a business executive, living a somewhat comfortable life, my political ideology is both left and right, and some may say radically so. I philosophically lean libertarian. I emotionally lean to European market socialism. I believe a balance must be maintained or reckoning and repositioning will come by force. This can be a natural reckoning when humankind has exhausted the patience of our planet, or a social/political reckoning when disparity and injustice have tipped to the boiling point. I believe America is walking quite close to the edge and could do with some major adjustments.