Francisco Colon

Emergency Medical Services, Automotive Consultant, and Social Media Manager in Newburgh, New York

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Beginning in 1995, when I landed my first job at an automotive repair shop working for a Goodyear Tire Company. I have always had a passion to succeed at anything I do and make things better than they were. I like to create and change the things around me for the better or at least help it to improve in some sense of fashion. I have come a long way since the tire changing days.

Since then I have worked for a few automotive dealers, starting out as an Oil and Lube technician, making my way up the ranks to the parts department and from there to the sales department all the way to sales and inventory control manager for various Volkswagen dealers. In addition, at an earlier stage in my life I became a Disc jockey for a few years. You can say I was bringing the fun party to your house or an event where ever that might have been.

Later on in my career I was grateful and fortunate to become an Emergency Medical Technician. Started off as a volunteer for the New Windsor Volunteer Ambulance Corp. This part of my life was the most thrilling to say the least. My undergraduate studies were in the fields of Criminal Justice and Business Marketing with an emphasis on Social media tactics. Graduated from Orange County Community College A.S. and a B.A. from Post University.

Throughout my educational and professional careers I have learn that education is the key to happiness within any career field. I have worked with many talented people and have learned from many devoted teachers and one thing that always stood out was?

The way we can improve on something is to grab the bull by the horn and let him know that there is nothing that is going to stop you from attaining your goals, no matter how long it takes. -FJC

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