W. Frank Corbin, II

I am a Sr. Information Systems Cyber Security Consultant/Expert. I am a proven leader in IT Industry for over 21 years, with (14) fourteen of those years in the
Information Assurance Cyber Security field.

Because of my years of experience, I have been tasked to lead many
projects as the project manager, not as a PPM or Program Manager, but more of a
team leader with total hands-on experience with development and implementation
of C&A processes in accordance with NIST SP 800-xx series. I also have experience assisting with proposal development and presentations. Develop and create C&A DIACAP packages. Review packages with C&A Staff, PM's, CIO's & Stakeholders

My entire career has been in the Aerospace and Department of Defense Industry. I have a DOD Security Clearance. My career started in the United States Army, Aerospace Air Defense Division, where I was trained to install, update, implement changes, for the Nike-Hercules Ballistic Missile Control System. I went on to develop, implement, security straagies and policies with Eastman Kodak Company. I went on to implement Mainframe computers, maintain and troubleshoot, diagnose, update, apply Systems Management policies with IBM. I continued on with Department of Defense contracts with General Analytics Corp., Triad, TeraData (NCR) & Marketing Network Solutions, for a seven (7) years Information Assurance Security Consultant contract @ the United States Naval Surface Warfare Center in Bethesda Maryland to bring the Enterprise-Wide Infrastructure Network Security up to FISMA requirements.

This document outlines my experience and skills in Information Assurance Cyber Security, Windows Servers, McAfee IntruShieldNetwork IDS/IPS, Active Directory, and Network Security Risk Assessment,Vulnerabilities, VPN technology and sophisticated Information Systems.
Implemented DISA, DIACAP, NIST, FISMA & SP 800-53A,-30,-37, NIST SP 800-39,
Processes, Methodologies & Requirements.

I Collaborated Meetings with PM and Stakeholders. Discuss & Validate IA Controls,
PPSM, IT Security POA&M, Stigs, Signature pages and Artifacts. Review
mitigated Scans. Develop Security test and evaluation plans. Develop, Process
& Review IATO's & ATO's requests, for PM, IAM's CIO's, and