Francesca Cowgill

Granby, Colorado U.S.A.

Born in Cordoba, Argentina but brought to Massachusetts, USA at 2 months old, I was raised an American. I was Naturalized in 1966 so international travel would require only one countries permission. I am the daughter of a Linguistics Professor and I was raised in accedemia socializing with people from all corners of the world. I found everything I could learn about other countries very interesting. Many of my friends were citizens of foreign nations. I grew up being accepting of differences and embracing individuality. My parents always supported allowing a person to persue their own path and at 15 I chose to move out and supportmyself.

I went on to college to study architecture. Low on funds and short of a schollarship, I joined the US Air Force in 1978 to travel the world and become a mechanic. I was fortunate that my first permanent duty assignment was to Okinawa Japan. I had asked for the assignment and I really enjoyed Okinawa. I traveled a little while I was assigned there to Korea and the Phillipeans. Soon I was accepted as a cadet at the Air Force Academy and I was shipped off to Colorado to join the second class with women in it. I was there for half a year and soon realized that I didn't need a schollarship to such an oppresive sexist and violent place as that Academy in order to succeed in life. I quit and moved back to Illinois to an assignment with the Air Force Reserve at Chicago O'Hare IAP. It was there that I met the man who would eventually become my husband.

I was a reservist and so I worked civilian jobs full time. I was in Furnature sales and later auto sales of Honda, Toyota, and Cadillacs. I loved car sales and thrived at it. After I was injured on the flight line in a stint in Panama's Howard Air Force Base, I left the service for good.

At a Christmas party I went to in 1986 I saw Bill, my husband, again and we started dating soon after. We married in 1989. We have had a wonderful life together. Bill has been a great provider and an exciting travel partner. He is very supportive of me every time I want to try something new. He is also a fabulous father to our son, Will, who is now at College at Western Colorado University.

I have learned good skills in production safety, cooking, sales, communications, airframe maintenance, options trading, stock trading, and now BitCoin mining. Soon I hope to own a great web site that I am designing bringing information to women about t

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    • Developing a website: BTCWoman