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Clean, safe, healthy water is essential for everyday life and for productivity of our community. The water treatment process has become an inevitable part of today's residential and commercial life because of ever-increasing pollution which poses a serious threat to all forms of life on planet earth.

FCT Water Treatment has been providing top-quality custom water treatment and waste water treatment services to residents of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region since 2003. FCT started its operations with manufacturing precipitants, coagulants, and flocculants but after sometime they concentrated their efforts on boiler water and cooling water chemistries. This led to them expanding their services to some of the well-known companies operating in Colorado and Wyoming. Today, they are offering the services of deionization of bottles along with establishing the largest regeneration plant in Northern Colorado. FCT water has grown over to amazing 500 percent during the past decade and this astonishing growth is mainly due to innovative products, unparalleled customer service and integrity.

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