Mai Nguyen


Hello Everyone!

My name is Mai Nguyen pronounced as "My"

I'm childish and immuature.

Born in July 1999.

I love to go on my laptop.

I sleep a lot of times.

Loves to listen to music.


I'm Vietnamese born in Melbourne (VIC) and then moved to Adelaide (S.A) at the age of 4/5. | I moved to 2 kindergarten and 4 primary/middle school. | I have 6 people in my family. | I'm a 167.7 cm tall (5 feet tall). | I love to watch horror and comdey genre. | I have really good friends to hang around with. | I sometimes get into really bad relationships. | When I'm alone I sometime sleep or do something that no one knows (watch anime). | I can be mean sometimes but funny as well. | I don't hate on anybody at the moment. | I sometimes hate myself for who I am because I always make mistakes and get into a bad karma. | I dreamed to have a good life for my family. | Once I make a mistake I always try to fix the mistake I make. | I love to be who I am but sometimes want to die. | I like to draw and craft. | I sometimes like to be alone for some space and some time alone. | I read manga and watch anime. | I am always tired when waking up in the morning. | I love all nationality. | When I'm bored I also take photos of myself. | I'm never interested in gossipe/rumors. | I am very moody because of relationships and about poor problems I have in the past. | I can be clumsy and caring. | I also can give advice sometimes so don't be afraid to ask me. | If you wanted to know more about me ask me on (: