Fredrik Debong

Public Speaker, Product, and RND in Vienna, Austria

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Public speaker, entrepreneur and angel investor in the fields of medical technology, market access and insurance.


In 2018 I cofounded, which deals in personalised health, market access, fin-tech and health insurance. Makes sense.


In 2008 I initiated and cofounded STARTeurope, turned into
Exited to Startup300 in 2018. Startup300 IPO'd in the same year.

In 2010 I cofounded, which built one of the first medical apps approved by CE and FDA, reached 1.8M people in 60 countries.

Exited in 2017 to Roche Diabetes Care.

In 2018 I invested in myClubs in Austria.

In 2019 I have done 3 more investments in Germany and US. A few more coming.

  • Work
    • Cofounder and Community Relations Lead at mySugr