Fernando Deluno Garcia

Researcher and Professor in Sorocaba, Brasil

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Fascinated by computing, especially by the hardware/software interface, I have engaged in the embedded systems engineering area.

I am a professor and researcher at Faculdade de Engenharia de Sorocaba (Facens). My interests lie broadly in the knowledge areas of Embedded Systems Design, Computer Architecture, Programmable Logic, and education.

I have been working on "smart power meters" projects for the last three years. Check my research here.

In my dissertation research, I worked on "Energy Consumption Disaggregation and Cognitive Power Meters." Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate with the explicit aim of creating and using smart power meters to mitigate household energy consumption.

I am also interested in sharing my skills and knowledge publishing open content at Embarcados, Gitbook, and Github. You can click the button above to read my articles.

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