Prince Dorvilus

Consultant in Orlando, Florida

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To live a life and not experience the incredible means not to live at all are a few words that I use, to sum up, the type of life I strive for each and every day. Today is known as the present. The last time I checked, presents are supposed to be opened and enjoyed. Seize this chance to capitalize on making sound decisions today so tomorrow's present can be just as big or bigger and better regarding the vision you have about your own life. I can say that I love all the finer things in life and appreciate the little things that keep it all together.

If you take one without the other then none of it would make sense. The universe is an amazing phenomenon where human civilization continues to debate whether the beginning of time started with a "big bang" or was spoken into existence by the great words of God, the creator of all things. The best part about it all is that we are all intertwined within this massive creation, which has endless possibilities that are waiting to be discovered and grabbed for the taking.

I have dedicated my life to finding ways to empower people from different walks of life so that they could see the gemstone they carry within themselves. I am continuing my efforts by offering my first published book titled ParadigMaestro!

  • Education
    • University of Central Florida