Nothing more than a speck, I'm. Anything that is credited (and will be credited) to my name, doesn't belong to me. In fact, it's all on the part of the One, Who is the Creator not only of me, not only of your rather of the entire humanity, the entire universe, Almighty Allah.

FD Sheikh

You are heartily welcomed to my blog. I'm a freelance writer and a student of Chartered Accountancy.

Alhamdulilah, my pen has dropped lines on a variety of topics pertaining to society, youth, women, humour, politics, sports, culture, tradition, and historical monuments etcetera. I'm a regular contributor to different newspapers and magazines in Pakistan. I've served Punjab College of Commerce, one of the biggest institutes of commerce studies in Asia, as Co-Editor of its college magazine "Auj". Currently, I'm serving PAC (Professional Academy of Commerce) as Editor of college magazine, "Al-Haseeb". Besides, I love observing human behaviour. In this context, I host an online program, "Farishtoon sy Behtar hai Insaan hona", a heart to heart discussion series organised by Revolution Flame (http://revolutionflame.com/category/heart2heart/).

Unveiling the significance and purpose of writing, I think, writing is the best way to explore yourself and to mend your society silently. Extremely impressed with Jack Dann's saying "For me, writing is exploration; and most of the time, I'm surprised where the journey takes me", I believe this journey discovers new horizons for you on every turn. Writing is the most sensitive field. Whatever one articulates, directly affects the mindset and notions of a reader. Media (whether print or electronic) can bring a revolution. That's why I am inclined to direct my pen towards thought provoking issues, in a manner which may not divert the attention of the readers or make them tiresome.

So folks, if you are head over heels in love with reading, dive into a small yet deep river of my notions and share your viewpoints as well. I'll be glad to receive your feedback about the write ups that are exclusively meant for you. :)