Fergus Duniho

Computer programming, Philosophy, and Chess Variants in Plattsburgh, New York

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Well, it looks like about.me has become crippled. This used to be the central place for links to all my websites and social media, but I can't use HTML or BBCode here, and social links are no longer as flexible as they used to be. So, I will have to stop using this as my one-stop homepage and direct people to


I am currently the webmaster for <A HREF="http://www.chessvariants.com">The Chess Variant Pages</A>. I have been with this site since 1999, and I took it over in late 2015. Working on this site brings together my two hobbies of Chess variants and computer programming. On this site, I have created <A HREF="http://play.chessvariants.com/pbm/">Game Courier</A>, which lets people design and play Chess variants online, and I am the inventor of several Chess variants.

My doctorate is in Philosophy, and I maintain a blog on Philosophy called <A HREF="http://fortheloveofwisdom.net">For the Love of Wisdom</A>, as well as <A HREF="http://www.youtube.com/user/fortheloveofwisdom">a YouTube channel</A>.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. in Philosophy from University of Rochester