Kyle Jekielek

Real Estate Agent in New York

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“I’m not afraid of what people think, I’m only interested in producing results.”

Kyle Jekielek has garnered the respect and attention of his real estate clients and colleagues with his unorthodox marketing and self-promotion. Kyle separates himself from the industry herd (nearly 30,000 agents in NYC) by simply doing what the rest of them won’t. And you’d be surprised how much that is.

“I know how to generate business. I’ve been doing it my whole life and it comes naturally to me. What’s most important is that I exceed my clients expectations and provide the best possible service.”

Putting his money where his mouth is, Kyle’s first rule of thumb is to partner with agents who specialize in areas relevant to his clients needs. “I put myself in my clients shoes and think: ‘Would I rather have two experts in my corner or one?’ The answer is the same every time, so that’s what I do.”

Kyle is a member of the Real Estate Board of New York, a Certified Buyers Representative (CBR), and a licensed Real Estate Salesperson at The Corcoran Group. If you have any real estate decisions you’re considering making, give Kyle a call and he’ll walk you through all your options.

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