Bernice Feaster

Most recently, Bernice Feaster was an AccountSpecialist and Customer Service Representative at Allstate Insurance, aposition that she held for more than 20 years. At Allstate, she handled a variety of functions supporting internal andexternal customers for this multi-million dollar provider of all insuredelements (property, casualty and life). Early in her career with Allstate, Bernicegained extensive experience in call center activities dealing with customerclaims. It was here where she honed herskills in listening, empathy, and caring communications with clients duringtimes of stress associated with tragedies.

Asher children grew and were approaching high school, Bernice began to developmore than an interest in learning about college preparation and scholarshipopportunities. From her experiencepreparing her sons for college application process, she developed a passion forhelping others learn from her extensive research and scholarship awardsuccesses. As a result in 2008, and on apart time basis, she began working with community and school parents lecturingon the benefits of starting the college search process as early as 8thgrade. Building on her own experience ofresearching colleges and scholarships that best fit both of her two sons,Bernice was able to put them successfully into two prestigious universities onfull scholarship awards.

Herolder son attended Georgia Institute of Technology, where he was awarded theprestigious Stamps President Scholarship, which is Georgia Tech highest merit scholarship.This included a full four year scholarship, international travel expenses, agrant for research, and a laptop computer. He is currently enrolled at StanfordUniversity obtaining his Doctorate degree in Chemical Engineering on a fullfellowship.

Bernice’syounger son attends North Carolina State University. He was awarded the prestigious Park Scholarship. This merit awardincludes a full four year scholarship, grants for research projects, and acomputer stipend.

Bernicehas not had to pay for college as a result of being offered over $1.6 million inscholarships between both sons. Herpassion is to advise other parents and students on a specific preparation strategyon how to market a child for success on college and scholarships. That’show her business, “The Scholar Mom”, was established.

Berniceholds a bachelor’s degree from Montreat College in Business Administration. Shehas completed additional training while at Allstate focusing on customerservice and effective commu