Febrina Riezcky r

Tanjung Pandan,Belitung,Indonesia

Annyeong!^^ my real name is Riezcky Yan Febrina,

Febrina Riezcky just my entertain name( kkk`` although i'm not

an entertainer)*jokking well i just like that name, so i used it.

I'm indonesian and muslim(islam is my relegion) :)

and i was born on February 13th,2000.

every day, if i have nothing to do, i spend times with Online(Of course)

Reading Books and Fanfiction(i'm a writer,too) also Drawing what i though on it.

I'm very crazy about a boygroup from South Korea and you know who's that?? Super Junior!!>< usually called ELF(everlasting friend) whohoo``` i really like they're all so muchh, and i have no reason why i like them. i think, if i spend day w/o listening their song and watching their MV and Variety Show in Youtube i fell like i am not alive. Henry Lau is my favorite members in super junior, he is so fu*kin cute,handsome and has much of talents such as vionist,pianist,guitarist,song composser,rapper,dancer,etc. i hope one day, i could meet them all esp henry.. ohh i don't know what should i do, if its really really happen^^

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