Federica Buzz

I mainly worked in offices. My background is in Humanities and Economics.

I like to travel light, and since lately I am traveling a lot, I decided to explore new ways and start seeing what my computer could offer me.

Ongoing learnings: HTML, CSS, Wordpress, SEO tecniques, analitycs, playing around with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, practicing portuguese . When I am not overwhelmed by all this learning then I start my yoga practice :) Vinyasa and kundalini are my favourite.

I am growing interest in digital drawing, sketching, pattern desing, illustration.

I am definetely DIY minded, I like to create new things especially in front of a sewign machine.

I already lived for a considerable amount of time in 6 Countries: Italy, Ireland, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Germany and changed many more cities.

One of my big dream would be combining all the positive models and inspiration I have gained during my traveling and reproducing them in one place. Sounds utopic but somehow makes sense to me.