Federico Gallardo

Santiago | Chile

Since I was a little boy I've being always attracted by the arts. I used to draw everywhere and everything. I painted, sculpted, I also modeled my own toys. I've loved movies and classic Science-Fiction TV Series. As an adult I've managed to work close to the visual arts. I started working on Special Effects in Brisbane Australia in 1987 with my friend Jason Baird ( JMB FX Studio ) and returned to Chile in late 1988. In 1990 I founded "Efex" along with Chistian Villalobos ( Villalobos Producciones ) doing Special Effects for TV Series, Commercials and Amusement Parks. In 1999 I entered in to the Advertising Industry and the year 2005 I became Art Director. I have worked on Direct marketing, Advertising campaigns and Digital campaigns. Today I am an entrepreneur. Along with my wife we started our own Creative Studio.

  • Work
    • Advertising & Marketing
  • Education
    • Comunicación Visual Diploma