Federico Garza-Bueron

Financier Federico Garza-Bueron is a man who can be said to have two countries. The savvy investor was born in Monterrey, Mexico where he spent the first 18 years of his life.

His father, Arturo Garza Barragan, is an industrial planner and real estate development consultant. In his later years, Arturo Garza Barragan is working on the project he always dreamed about. Arturo Garza Barragan is helping to develop. That project is a sustainable satellite industrial community, seven miles away from the Monterrey International Airport.

With a dynamo like Arturo for a father, the investor had a standard for high achievement. At 18, he left Mexico for New York City where he enrolled in Columbia University. He has made his home in New York City ever since. Of course, he misses Mexico and returns to the home of his youth every chance he gets.

The Hispanic Experience In America

Experts estimate that at least 50 million Americans have some sort of Hispanic heritage. Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic group in the United States. New Mexico is the state with the highest percentage of Hispanic residents, followed by Texas and California.

Not all Hispanics in the U.S. come from Mexico. Hispanic is a term used by the U.S. Census to describe people. These people come from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Spanish-speaking parts of Central and South America.

Marketing experts say there is very definitely a Hispanic identity, distinct from other American identities. Hispanics emphasize family. Federico Garza-Bueron is extremely close to his parents and siblings. The financier's brother, Arturo Garza-Bueron, is the Chief Executive Officer of the mega-successful Christus Muguerza Hospital Group. His sister, Rebeca Graza Maldonado, is a contented housewife and mother.

Hispanics are also more relaxed about privacy issues in general, say experts. Spirituality and church are very important to Hispanics too. Spirituality permeates every part of their lives. It's not just something that's reserved for Sundays.

Economists estimate that Hispanics have a purchasing power of $500 billion a year. This amount is increasing all the time. Hispanic marketing needs to be more sophisticated. It needs to be something other than just translating an English marketing message into Spanish.

There is a huge gap in the financial services industry when it comes to reaching out to Hispanics. Many Hispanics on the lower end of th