Tim Ford

Small Business Owner in Charlton, Australia

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Feed Central works with thousands of buyers and sellers nationally to BUY SELL TEST Hay, Grain and variety of other feeds. Buyers and Sellers can deal direct via our Advertising Service / National Hay and Grain Registry or they can choose to work directly with the Feed Central team.

The National Hay and Grain Registry allows all buyers and sellers to know where the product is, who owns, what the price and what the quality. The registry is current, available via our easy to use online platform and is emailed to all clients every Tuesday.

The Feed Central team prides itself on providing detailed quality analysis, and information on each product to make sure buyers know what they’re getting. Delivering on fixed price contracts to strict quality parameters and guaranteeing payment to sellers, Feed Central have implemented a simple trading structure that promises security to all parties. With dispute management processes, managed buying services, personal account managers and a dedicated expert staff team, Feed Central gets down to business every day to make life easier for their customers.

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