Feed Seattle

"Ordinary people doing EXTRAORDINARY things"

FeedSeattle is not affiliated with any organization, we are 100% volunteer funded. We have no Board of Directors, no politics, no overhead; just feeding those in need.

Typically each volunteer brings about a dozen snack packs ready to distribute. You can put just about anything in them. I like to use the gallon sized zip lock bags, for a number of reasons, though plastic grocery bags work as well. I usually put in a bottle of water\juice, banana, orange, apple sauce, cheese and crackers, and a fruit newton pack. Then we simply walk around downtown Seattle handing the snack packs to those in need. Sometimes it takes us 10 minutes and sometimes it takes us an hour; you just never know.

Check out our blog and twitter feed at the links below and email me if you would like to be put on our email list for future events!