Will Robins - Brand management and Marketing Consultations

Will Robins is Managing Editor on Feedster.com Will Robins is an extraordinary entrepreneur whose has a sharp eye for spotting business potential and the acumen to see start-ups transform into national corporations. Ever keen to expand his expertise he sits as founder and CEO of a number of companies with diverse objectives. Born and residing in southern Arkansas, Happily married with an amazing family. Will has harnessed more than 10 years of sales experience to establish successful business models within the sectors of distribution, branding and marketing and medical consulting. Will adheres consistently to strategic management and development to achieve optimal results and now shares his techniques with other business owners. Market Brand and Dominant Link SEO are companies Will founded to offer brand management and marketing consultations to start-up companies, small businesses and international corporations seeking to improve their market presence and business profitability. In 2007 Will started a food and beverage distribution company in the region of Arkansas that grew from a local distributor for stores, to sell to wholesalers, brokers, and distributors throughout the country. This business inspired Will to found the CheckStand Program that has received national status recognition for product testing.