Fei-Ling Tseng

Toronto, Canada

I love cities and I'm ever-curious about them; how we use cities as an interface for resource and knowledge flow, transformation and consumption, as well as how cities are reflecting back and changing us as a society. Closely related to cities and of increasingly emerging interest to me include:

systems science;

multi-disciplinary thinking;

data/information architecture;

metrics and indicators (or the art of measuring the state of complex adaptive things);

origins and histories (of what we take for granted today);

policy visualization; and,

responsive design.

Feel free to give me a tap. I'm happy to lend an ear.

  • #citybuilding
  • #policy
  • #systemsscience
  • #informationarchitecture
  • #urbanism
  • Work
    • Urban Planner
  • Education
    • University of Toronto
    • Utrecht School of Arts