Unit 7, Hwy. 20 East, Fonthill ON L0S 1E0

The unique experience at Feet Retreat is delivered through care, treatment and therapy, in an effort to alleviate pain, enhance movement and improve quality of life.

Our focus is to provide foot care for individuals living with diabetes and many forms of arthritis.

It is also the ideal place to visit if you simply want to take care of your feet ..........

For the majority of people, foot problems including calluses or blisters are a minor aggravation. They feel sore, and certainly don’t make your feet look any better, but these small wounds can grow into devastating problems, if not corrected and treated.

Regular pedicures and foot massage will help reduce pain and discomfort.

Our Rate - $35.00 (inc taxes)

Complete foot massage

Full pedicure (excluding polish)

Advice on maintaining healthy feet

Benefit from the world’s leading foot care products

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the FEET RETREAT EXPERIENCE - Make your next foot care appointment with us today

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