“Man, ain't no rules to this shit, you gotta get it how you live out here....shake hands, kiss babies, & get money!” Feevaleo deadpans to the crowd, as they instinctively nod their head in adulation. Only, it’s a one-on-one conversation, and the crowd is a lone comrade. You can’t tell that to Feev’ innate star, though – to his natural self, the camera’s always on.

Raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Feev prides himself on growing up in one of America’s most charmingly tough cities – and how his most personal surroundings evolved him into one of music’s future trendsetters. “I wanted to be cooler than my older brothers, get money like my uncle, be smarter than my sister, and be Grandma’s favorite! All the while trying to separate myself from the pack.” To that end, it’s safe to say he’s succeeded.

On the verge of releasing his latest mixtape, MORE FORX THAN FOOD, Feev explains how the concept was initially spawned: “The title is a metaphor for my take on the everyday struggle. The want for more, but lacking the necessities to survive here & now. That's something people deal with everyday..we all want & strive for more."

Boasting an eclectic set of influences (“Stevie Wonder rules the world. Biggie is the greatest. Hov is the greatest-est, and I eternally rock Outkast, Wu Tang, MJ, Snoop, and The Lox...Redman, Sigel, & Cam’ron.”), Feev labels LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad” as the track that made him want to pick up a mic. “It made me wanna test the waters and write my own rhymes,” Feev elaborates. “My music crosses a lot of emotions in an entertaining fashion. I pretty much make music for pot heads, pornstars, and politicians.”

Feevaleo is a contradiction of the best sorts. Combining the joviality of your favorite uncle, and an uncanny nonchalance that even money can’t afford, Feev is an artist that your favorite artists want to hang out with. Balancing the ability to fraternize with all sorts of people, from all sorts of backgrounds, with the same respectful arrogance, Feev has the ability and youthful vigor to charm your cougar mother. It’s a good thing he’s sticking to music.

Be on the look out for Feevaleo’s latest mixtape, More Forks Than Food, out soon!