Farah Sarigumba

It is instilled in my veins the value of respect for other people and how to treat them right. I've learned to stay loyal to what and where I am committed with. I was able to learn to be happy and contented to what I already have. My parents didn't deprive me of having the things I wanted, but they always emphasized the difference between a NEED and a WANT and so I was able to learn this as I grew up. I really don't want to talk about money issues. I don't like money. If it is not the reason why we are living now, I would never want it because in some people, it's the reason for conflicts and crimes.

I'm spiritually healthy. I adore Jesus and Mary. I believe in GOD and His great love for all of us.

Both sides of my family tree are very talented. My father's side is a family of musicians. They play musical instruments and sing at the same time. My mother's side are performers, as well. They are really great dancers and musicians also. My nuclear family are blessed from these branches. I grew up as a performer. I LOVE THE STAGE. I started singing when I was three. But at an early age, I engaged more in dancing. In my elementary years,I sang and danced in every school event. In high school, I was able to join various contests and developed more these skills. I was able to choreograph dances, as well. But in college, I had to slowly let go of dancing but I continued singing in a choir.

I used to LOVE writing but I wasn't able to practice it much anymore when I reached college.

Now,I'm happy living with my family, enjoying life with my great friends and going out with someone special. ;)

But of course, my story doesn't end there ;)