Data Science Analyst, Brand Strategist, and Voice Over Actor in Lagos, Nigeria

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Fejiro Akiri is a Data Science Analyst, a Digital Marketer, and a Creative Voice over artist and producer. Driven by a desire to change lives and make an impact. Fejiro derives joy in creating client-specific ideas for individuals, startups and corporate brands. As a Digital marketer, he worked as a Brand manager for Mudia (mudia.com.ng) and TMesis Global Solutions (tmesis.com.ng) which were recognized as a fast rising startups in Africa in 2018.

With a passion for public relations and inbound marketing, extensive knowledge in social media advertising and content marketing, Fejiro has developed content for over eight (8) startups such as Mobile medics, omomi, mypaddi, Shopmart, and Creation Care initiative. Fejiro, fondly known for his bursts of energy and charisma by his colleagues is also an avid lover of TED/TED related talks and audio-visual production

As a Data science analyst, he is passionate about advancing modern 21 century digital skills in companies and acts as an IT and management consultant for small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). He is currently working on a project to boost productivity in agriculture to solve the zero hunger as one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through the use of building a data driven model.

When Fejiro is not busy working on a project or learning something. He is shadowing voices, making animated sounds. He loves watching movies, cartoons, playing video games and travelling.

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