Jeff (FEJ) Donaldson

Austin Texas United States

Live to Geek, Geek to LiveI have worked in fast food, record stores,as a valet, a DJ, a club promoter, a roadie, a slut, a drunk, and addict, a bartender, a courier, a computer geek, a doorman, a pallbearer, an elected officer (5th grade).I have climbed mountains, traveled overseas, felt alone in a crowded room, felt surrounded by love while all alone, the list goes on.I like to observe and comment on the way life goes.I believe in principle, traditon as well as pushing the limits for those same things.I feel as though I have an old soul.Sometimes a bit sarcastic, even cynical, I like to laugh and joke.I find different things attractive in different people.I do nice things for people, just cause I can.When I was younger, I was accused of being a “Eddie Haskell”(if you don’t know, oh well) That is partly true, but I do like to make people smile and feel good, almost to a fault.I like to think and solve problems.I like music..I play a little guitar in the privacy of my home.I enjoy being of service, getting out of myself.I am selfish by nature, and take steps to correct that. Learning is Humbling, but then the toughest things to learn are the things I can teach the best.

  • Education
    • BSIT-Information Technology-Networking and Telecomm