Felicia Brookins

Author and Entrepreneur in Jackson, Mississippi

Felicia Brookins

Author and Entrepreneur in Jackson, Mississippi

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My name is Felicia Brookins. I am an award winning author of the Hottest new Christian Fiction Novel, 'Sister Nadeen's WAYS' a gripping novel of 'christian reality' involving a main character, her husband and her three daughters caught up in the fatal consequences of a woman carrying a generational curse that involves perpetrating the 'image' of God but not the likeness.

The Household is ran by her alone because her husband, Kenny Simmons, has the burden of a dominating wife that is both physically and verbally abusive towards him and their three daughters, as well as alcohol and drugs, the 'lovers' of his soul in the absence of his wife's affections.

I am also the Founder of Inspired Resources, LLC, a literary event that has been in operation since 2015. Inspired Resources, LLC offers a platform for aspiring writers and authors to connect with experts in the area of publishing, social media, creative writing, book cover design, marketing and even legal copyright advice for authors. Several experts are showcased to share experience and wisdom with different areas of book creation and promotion.

Most recently, I started a new venture, a Book Launch Party hosting event service in which I host and set up for that special celebration day of an author who has published their book and want to have a book signing to celebrate.

You can locate me at the following social media sites:

Facebook: @FKBWriter




Twitter: @FeliciaBrookin4-Twitter

Instagram: Sis.nadeenways

Email: Authorfeliciabrookins@gmail.com

You can click the button above to read my book. It is available on Amazon.com or Barnes and Nobles site.