felipe rodriguez

Student in Colima, México

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Felipe was born on Feburary 1 2001 in Corona,California,USA.He studies in the Unoveersity of Colima.He likes to use the computer and he usually likes to program when he is boring.He also likes to eat italian food and wake up late.He hates going to church on Sunday and read books.He also doesn't likes to help his little sister and do excersise.

His activities start at 9 a.m. He wakes up at 9 and goes directly to use the computer.At 11 he has breakfast ahd gets ready to go to school.He usually starts school at 1 p.m. After classes he goes home and turnes on the computer and at 9 he stops using it.He usually goes to sleep at 11:30 p.m.

He likes to play video games in the weekend and he hardly ever travels but he likes it very much.