Gianpaolo Ferrain

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Software Engineer in Padova, Italia

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Eggon's Cofounder and Software Architect, has been working in the field of innovation for over twenty years. Already enthusiastic about new technologies and programming, he has been a part of the digital counterculture since the early '90s.
After being a consultant for a long time for many Italian and international companies in 2013, he moved to the United States to create Qwikword, a social network, which has been presented at the Apps World in San Francisco in 2015.
From the US experience, the team is born with Fulvio Menegozzo and Gianmarco Crismale. Together they set up the innovative startup Eggon, a software house specialized in the development of native App for iOS and Android, operating in four primary areas: Digital Health, Gaming / AR and VR, IoT and Fintech.

Biker, cook, bbq lover. These are the passions he has been carrying since a long time but his life is sprinkled with interests ranging from mechanics to tattoos, from comics to the movies... He could almost be described as a Nerd, if it wasn't for his bad attitude, unconventionality, determination and social capabilities. Open-minded, when analyzing a problem is able to see the issues from all points of view.

Specialties: Project Management in mission critical enterprise application, IT and software infrastructures.
Team work motivation and professional growth.