Sales Assistant @ The Body Shop and Costumer's Support @ IKEA in Faro, Portugal

There is something ‘' !

I'm a self proclaimed Original Human Being... actually I believe every one is! And it makes sense if we think lightly about the sentence: “We are the sum of our experiences”.

So building on that thought, I will let a short sample of my experiences tell you who am I.

I am:

An only daughter of my mother, the sixth child of my father; a “sister” and ‘BFF’ of my three months older niece…

A ten years experienced swimmer and one trip to Greece as national representative in a School level competition.

One degree, two post graduations, two internships and two work contracts.

One White Sensations and one Tomorrowland festivals.

One Business Summer School in Lima (Peru) plus one Erasmus Experience in Lille (France) and one European Voluntary Service in Rosario (Argentina).

Two lost planes, six house changes in nine years.

Proud owner of one nose ring, one tattoo and one pair of heart shaped sunglasses.

One very special meeting with a ten year old boy in Cusco (Peru), one mountain hike at night in Catalonia (Barcelona), participation in Talentos em Livre Trânsito (powered by

Five minutes speach on a pallet at Ignite event, one intervention on radio and two on television.

A Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata and Tango dancer.

One emergency house built with, several meals cooked and handed over to homeless and street vendors in Rosario (Argentina). One month hitchhike travel to the South Argentina. One Vipassana meditation course.

… And I’m so much more!

There is definitely something!

Want to know what?

Let’s talk! And probably our experience together wont be just, but will BE part of ME!

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