Social Entrepreneurship Enthusiast in Faro, Portugal

Hello, I’m Filipa.

I consider myself a Personal, Organization and Project "Buddy"; a Passionate Mingler; Traveler and Smiles & Hugs Expert!

And I'm currently living - no strings attached - in beautiful Algarve (Portugal).

I advocate for Holistic Sustainability and always look forward to participating in Social Projects aiming Empowerment (from individuals to targeted groups and Organizations)!

I have a sincere wonder about the development and scaling of Social Awareness by "Love Brands" and "Community Movements" created around Innovative, Impactful, Conscious & Ethical projects, products, and services.

I try to live Worldly and Open-minded, always self-guided by the sayings "Everyone smiles in the same language." and "We are all made of stardust"!

Let’s connect, talk, share achievements and experiences, find more about one another and how we can build together better Life & World!

You can contact me with a click on the button above.

  • Education
    • Economy
    • Development, Local Diversity and Global Challenges
    • Branding and Brand Management