Filipe MS Bento

Information Management: information and data services development, knowledge management systems for internal support and external services; Digital Libraries and DBs' design; Integration of services and electronic resources tailored to the user profile, including design and implementation of intelligent backoffice management systems (databases, Learning Objects Metadata, deep web search engines, e-resource locators), including an ERMS - Electronic Resources Management System, in house developed;

ALEPH’s Manager and team leader (University’s Libraries Management System): Unix (AIX) / Linux (RHEL AS) + Oracle; parameterization, maintenance and improvements (Server, OPAC-Web and Intranet - automation of several tasks, statistics and listings); Participation in several meetings of Portuguese Aleph’s system users, aiming to promote and implement a national user group, UNA, currently;

Training division: promotion and coordination of internal training (ALEPH’s system operators), for university’s students (1st year / Health Degrees / Management Masters), lecturing some of them, and dissemination actions for all the university’s community (teachers, researches and alumni). Head of division from 1998 to 2004;

President of several groups for informatics equipment acquisition selection and vogal for the recruitment competitions of A-Class (higher education degree) Technicians, area of Library and Documentation;

Research & Development projects in the area of Digital Libraries, documental treatment, search and information retrieval using expert systems; * design and implementation, completely on it’s own and on an after-hour basis, of the first and most famous meta-bibliographic distributed search engine in Portugal: ColCat (Colective Catalogue); URL:; protocols used / search & retrieve: z39.50/http gateway, SRW/SRU, SOAP; nation-wide newspapers and web sites articles, Radio and TV interviews:

President Steering Committee (Portuguese Ex Libris Users' Association), 2011-2012.