strategist, marketer, and Consultant in Lisboa, Portugal

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I’m Filipe Macedo, the MADvertiser. A computer engineer turned ad man with skills in Marketing, Advertising and all things Digital.

I’m currently both a Strategist and the Chief Marketing Officer at comOn, one of the biggest independent agencies in Portugal.

As CMO I’m responsible for comOn’s marketing strategy and for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of the company’s communications initiatives, reporting directly to the CEO.

As a Strategist, I try to simplify complex modern marketing. My role is to make sense of a client’s problem and develop simple but insightful strategies rooted in user behavior, culture, and the brand truths. Strategies that connect the dots and synthesize lots of different ideas, crafted into a powerful story that inspires creativity.

My life so far has been a wonderful adventure with a multitude of experiences.

I have a Masters in Computer Engineering, a postgraduate degree in Branding and a national basketball championship. I worked as a consultant at KPMG, played at major clubs and festivals as a DJ (MAD MAC), and was one of the faces for Nike’s international campaign “Bleed Your Colors” side-to-side with Cristiano Ronaldo.

All this before finding advertising, 6 and a half years ago.

Since then I’ve also written a song, published by Dutch label Nightbird Music, won the Young Lions Competition and was a digital marketing teacher for 3 years in two different marketing schools.

My diverse background gives me a different perspective and broader ways of thinking. And, as it turns out, that’s been very useful for bringing together all the disparate elements that today’s technology and consumer behavior demands.

  • Work
    • comOn Group
  • Education
    • London School of Economics
    • Instituto Superior Técnico
    • IADE