"Share our inspirations & skills in all aspects of photography in an atmosphere of camaraderie and fun with Filipino communities in South Korea"

In supporting our mission statement, our club's objectives are:

Practice photography together

Promote learning activities and share photographic knowledge and experience with others

Promote Filipino values and cultures through photography

Promote social awareness and transpire social awareness affecting OFWs

- Continuous recruitment of members and volunteers for club activities

In achieving our objectives, our regular activities are:

Group photo outings and events coverage

Regular photo show meetings and officers meeting

Regular digital camera usage familiarization trainings (buddy system for beginners or group classes for regular members)

Guest Speakers (lectures by experts)

Monthly general meetings (group planning & presentations)

Photo exhibits

Founded - June 20, 2010

Registered at PH Embassy, Seoul - October 11, 2010

(Reg. No. OFW-Korea-2010-049)