fine mastering

Germany, Alzenau

fine mastering is a professional mastering studio located in Bavaria, Germany. Mastering engineer Jan Ohlhorst is now working for more than 15 years on all audio related areas – including music production, recording, mixing & mastering. We are specialized for more than a decade in mastering and our genre bandwidth is as broad as it can be. Our clients are bands, musicians and independent & major record labels from all over the world including USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, China, India, Germany, etc.

With numerous single & album masters including our contribution on #1 and gold albums, various single & album chart entries & music award nominations we have the experience to bring your mix to a competitive level. We guarantee to deliver on schedule and of course compliant with the industry standards. And moreover, we will work hard to provide an excellent sounding result that suits your taste and music.

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