Firstline Prodigy

The Prodigy, a reality TV series developed by the executive team at Firstline Security, Inc., featured a series of competitions designed to discover skilled sales representatives in the country. Created through the work of a Firstline executive and CMO Bryan Ferre, The Prodigy juxtaposed the traditional reality TV format with well-established recruiting and sales practices. After contestants were selected for the show, Firstline provided extensive training with its products and business practices before sending the competitors to various sales territories. The Prodigy assessed these participants on a gamut of business skills, including presenting, selling, and designing a business plan. A guess judge determined a winner for a specific skills competition each week, while the Firstline Board of Directors held responsibility for selecting a winner from the five finalists. Participants were assessed on their sales performance numbers as well. Firstline announced the winner, who was slated to receive a new car, $700,000 in investment capital, and $300,000 in cash, during an awards ceremony in Hawaii.

Over the course of production, the crew at Firstline Security accumulated more than 80 hours of footage for the program. Unfortunately, Firstline became involved in a legal dispute with one of its suppliers, resulting in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and, ultimately, in receivership. During this time, The Prodigy footage was accidentally destroyed and the series never aired. Jordan Folsom, the winner of the contest, still received $300,000 in cash and a new car. Actuality Entertainment currently owns the intellectual property associated with The Prodigy.