Fisher Capital

Company in Beverly Hills, California

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Fisher Capital Group is a leading U.S. precious metals retailer specializing in gold and silver diversification strategies that create wealth, promote secure retirements and stay true to American values.

Sound money is one of the core values embraced by Fisher Capital Group, along with patriotism, faith, family, integrity and respect.

Ranked among “America’s Fastest Growing Precious Metals Companies” by Forbes, Fisher Capital helps clients add security to IRAs and diversify portfolios through purchases of gold and silver. Since 2007, the Beverly Hill-based company has offered such unique options as access to limited-mintage bullion coins that are often difficult to find in the open market.

J.P. Morgan once observed, “Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” This has been true throughout the ages. It could be argued that history itself is founded on the passions stirred by gold.

The standard of value for millennia, gold has been on the scene of great historical events from the gifts of the Magi to the exploration of the New World. Gold has ignited wars and revolutions, sent explorers out on uncharted seas in its pursuit, crowned monarchs and sealed the bonds of marriage for generations.

In many times and places, people have believed in gold, and trusted in its value. They have known that gold and other precious metals can be a safe harbor amid economic and political turmoil, a hedge against the unknown.

While adding prosperity to portfolios, the Fisher Capital team embraces transparency, prudence and fair dealing. They believe in foundational American values and traditions. That is one reason Fisher Capital Group is trusted by so many Americans — trusted to create and protect wealth, while opening up new avenues to financial success.

Whether a client’s preference is for wealth creation or preservation, security today or a legacy for children and grandchildren tomorrow, Fisher Capital Group offers precious metals diversification solutions that allow families to achieve their financial goals, and reach for their dreams.

Around the world, economic and political risks are growing. There are few certainties about the future. Political guarantees of financial stability are backed by paper promissory notes. Gold’s promise is time-tested, and its enduring value has been proven over centuries of success.