Five Minutes To Lunch

From the minds that brought you [Random Shyte Radio] comes Five Minutes To Lunch a fantastic new show that is also totally effin stupid. We at Five Minutes bring you a weekly panel discussion of topics from people with a unique, funny and at times completely stupid perspective. It's Sure to make you laugh or at least wonder WTF is wrong with us. Join our host Lanos Daewoo in a panel discussion about the most pressing matters of the today, such as Racism, the Iranian nuclear crisis, getting high off of permanent markers and which female celebrity has the best ass (no J-Lo its not you, just go away). If you don't laugh at this program then you can go eat a bag of toddler dongs. We'll even send you one if you pay for shipping & handling. 'Cause this show has it all including a black dude, a white dude and a Puerto Rican Jew. P.S. we are looking for an Asian albino dwarf in a wheelchair to join the crew. Benefits and vacation time included.