Francisco Javier Alvarez Torres

Online Adviser, Researcher, and Professor in Guanajuato, México

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Higher Education Professor, Online Adviser and Digital Entrepreneur.

His love to technology was followed by his studies on IT. During his college time, he was looking the 'connecting dot' between IT and the HR, so he decided to graduate from the Human Resources Bachelor in University of Guanajuato, México.

On this context, being part of a collective, he developed an online software (iRIS 3.0) where IT and Education merge to provide an integral solution to manage curriculum.

After a while, he worked as a Projects Leader in HR Office in the U of Guanajuato. During this time his other passion was discovered: how technology affects the way that we communicate inside and outside the institutions? what is the influence of online networks in this new social setting?

Therefore, he decided to study on the Government Faculty and graduated from Master in Public Management with the thesis: "Public Agenda 2.0: Influence and impact of Social Networks based on internet"

Awarded with Reiyukai-EDUCAFIN Scholarship. He won the privilege to travel to Japan and study its business environment.

He did international exchanges to University of La Habana, Cuba; Universität Greifswald, Germany; Technology University of Trondheim, Norway; CIEBC Bogotá, Colombia and West Virginia University, EEUU.

Professor in Business, Innovation and Management in U of Guanajuato since 2008. His fields are: Economy, Exponential Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Online Adviser on Guanajuato Virtual University since 2013. His fields are: Knowledge Society and Virtual Business.

Founder of 'Educación Despierta'. This NGO is oriented to perform as a 'think-tank' about local and global trends about innovation, human relations, organizational wellness and education.

Young Entrepreneur Award by Mexican Government by a digital start-up project in 2012. As an expressionist, he leads 'Expo Arte Gto', an artistic online gallery.

He's PhD on Management Sciencies with 'Summa Cum Laude' by the University of Aguascalientes, México with a research project about 'The Effects of Networking and Entrepreneurial Orientation measured by Structural Equations Modeling'.

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