flavie bagnol

New York-Paris

Flavie Bagnol has been a sought after player in public relations and media for over 15 years.

As VP of communications for Thrillist Media Group, a leading men's lifestyle multi-platform publication, Bagnol was one of the key influences that brought the small startup from 150 thousand subscribers to over 3 million subscriptions across all of its properties. Bagnol started Thrillist's first communication/PR department, developing and executing a plan that evolved Thrillist from a niche email service to a mainstream media channel.

Bagnol spearheaded celebrity, artist, show and magazine collaborations for e-commerce destination, Jackthreads, a members-only, online shopping club that curates contemporary men's fashion brands. Under Bagnol's leadership, Jackthreads emerged from obscurity to reaching revenues of over $20 million.

Bagnol began building her vast rolodex as a national news producer for CBS News. For nearly ten years at CBS, Bagnol honed her producing and storytelling skills and cultivated strong friendships with key industry executives and influential experts. As an entertainment producer for The Early Show, she developed a keen eye for what attracts producers and makes good television.

Bagnol was profiled in The NY-Observer as one of the 2012 Top 100 Most Poachable Player in Tech.