Peter Fleckenstein

Phoenix, AZ

Blessed Father to the two most absolutely smart & gorgeous daughters on the planet. Love the ocean. Growth & turnaround expert. Enterpreneur of Life. Bad Ass Good Guy. Polymath. ENFP.

I've helped companies and people take action on their knowledge to produce breakthroughs across multiple industries.

Some of the cool things I created and participated in:

Created millions in revenue for a billion dollar company through product redesign, pricing, and promotion which also generated 26 partner sites with one of the top tech companies in the world.

Enhanced profit by designing a new business model for a company with multiple sites in large metro areas.

Developed & implemented a full production management system for a half billion dollar development and construction firm resulting in a savings of over $2 million dollars.

Brought in to turnaround a failing independent production film. Recouped investors money and a little profit.

Fun fact: I fell 60 feet (that's 6 stories folks) off a cliff and all I got was a snapped ankle.